BeerKube FAQ's

What size glass can I use with the Beer Kube?

The Kube was designed to be used with standard 16 ounce pint glass. We have customers that are using it with other size glasses. We are happy to send you a sample Kube to try!

Should I use the stainless Kube Holder Tray?

That’s a tough one…some bartenders like to put the Kubes in the tray so that they can see how many glasses they need to put back into the chiller, and other bartenders like to leave the Kubes in the chiller. The tray is designed to hold 65 Kubes.

How much do the Beer Kubes Cost?

The Beer Kube’s are $1.50 Each, One Kube tray is $25.00

How many glasses in one stack?

We have found that stacking four glasses (Using 3 Kubes) is optimal

What should be on the floor of my Chiller?

All chillers should have a vinyl coated wire rack. The reason for this is so that the stacks of glasses can easily slide from front to back. Also if there is any broken glass it will go to the bottom, underneath the rack.
Tip from Dave: It is very important to teach your bartenders to put the warm glasses in the back of the chiller so that you have all of the frosted glasses in the front.

What is the purpose of the knock pad?

The knock pad mounts right to the top of the chiller, if a Kube sticks inside the glass gently use the knock pad to retrieve the Kube (New Kubes tend to stick)

What are the Kubes made out of?

Acrylic (FDA Approved Kitchen Material)

How do you clean the Kubes?

You may put the Kubes right through the dishwasher